Create Personal Arch Linux Package Repository via GitHub Pages

About For whatever reasons, you may want to create your own package repository, like this: In this article, I’m going to record my steps to create my own arch linux package repository, via github pages, no need to maintain your server. Build signed packages Create your gpg key When you installed a package from AUR, you generally cloned a repo that contains a PKGBUILD file, then you executed makepkg to build this package.

Install Void Linux on WSL2

About Windows 10 version 1909 is finally available for my surface device, I’ve waited for it for several months since there is a very important new feature: WSL2 IMO, WSL1 is not suitable for daily development because the performance is TOO BAD. Can you imagine I spent 15 minutes but still cannon launch neovim while it only took about 100 milliseconds in physical arch linux? Compared to WSL1, the performance

Blur Any Window in KDE Plasma

About The newest KDE plasma natively support blur, but it has many limitations, for example I can’t blur vim status line and firefox. This article tries to find a way to blur any window in plasma, like this: There is a much more elegant method to achieve this, see the comment for more information. Preparation To begin with, make sure you have already enabled blur effect via Kvantum and some themes that support blur, for example Sweet

Sexy & Powerful Configuration for Lightline and Tmux

Nerd Font First of all, install a nerd font, and apply it: nerd font Then, pick a unicode over here: nerd font cheat sheet. In this case, search keyword sep After getting the unicode number, you can use it like this: :echo "\ue0b9" FAQ: Why are my nerdfont symbols not displaying correctly? The display of nerdfont can be affected by many factors, including terminal emulator, font type, font size, zoom, etc.