Many third-party GPT-4 providers have free daily quotas, and you’ll need to pay for more.

Although GPT-4 is very expensive, but it’s not impossible to use it for free and unlimitedly. In this article, I will introduce 4 ways to achieve this goal.

Before starting, let me first introduce three questions that can be used to distinguish between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. You can use these questions to test whether the model is GPT-4 or not.

Question 1 (Credit: reddit @Furdiburd10):

If there are 10 books in a room and I read 2, how many books are still in the room?

GPT-3.5 will answer 8, while GPT-4 will answer 10.

Question 2 (Credit: reddit @SnooCompliments3651):

20 + 30

Both will answer 50.

Then you can say “no it’s 40”.

GPT-3.5 will say sorry for it’s mistake, the answer is 40.

GPT-4 will insist the answer is 50.

Question 3 (Credit: reddit @SnooCompliments3651):

Andrew is free from 11am to 3pm, Joanne is free from noon to 2pm and then 3:30pm to 5pm. Hannah is available at noon for half an hour, and then 4pm to 6pm. What are some options for start times for a 30 minute meeting for Andrew, Hannah, and Joanne?

The correct answer is 12:00 to 12:30. GPT-4 will get it right, while GPT-3.5 will not.

Method 1:

Go ahead to and select “Direct Chat” tab, then you can choose a bunch of models, including Claude 3.5 and GPT-4.

The site is non-profit and maintained by UC Berkeley SkyLab, and it will collect dialogue data, so please use it for research and education purposes only. We have better alternatives for daily use.

Method 2: Skype Chatbot

Download Skype app or visit, then add the Copilot Chatbot to your contact.

The introduction of this chatbot doesn’t mention which model it uses, but in my test, it’s actually GPT-4! You can verify it with the three questions I mentioned above.

Method 3: Microsoft Copilot

Both iOS and Android versions work. You can choose “GPT-4” in the chat page.

For desktop users, you can use the web version After logging in, you can choose between “More Creative”, “More Balanced” and “More Precise”. The “More Creative” and “More Precise” options use GPT-4, while the “More Balanced” option uses GPT-3.5.

The mobile app version supports 30 dialogue rounds per topic via any type of account, but the web version supports only 5 rounds per topic via personal account, and 30 rounds via work account. So if you have an enterprise account or a developer account, you can use it for more rounds.

Method 4: Self-hosting Bingo

This awesome project weaigc/bingo is a self-hosted option. You can host it on providers like CodeSandbox (It’s free!).

This project will call the APIs from Microsoft Copilot, but it breaks through its limit on account login and dialogue rounds. And unlike many other self-hosted options (e.g. LibreChat), it doesn’t even need a custom cookie! You just need to open the web page and start chatting.

You can chat with GPT-4 for free and unlimitedly, and it supports many features like dialogue history, topic switching, voice input, and more. The only drawback is that the web page only supports Chinese yet, but you can still use it with English input.